Company Store


The company store deals in Essence – the stuff of magic from which the universe is forged – not on gold or the like. Adventurers are paid for their missions in this currency, and can use it to equip them selves or buy their way into the afterlife as they see fit.


Each time you and your team are sent down to intervene in mortal affairs, you’ll be given a specific mission to accomplish, including a primary objective (which must be completed, and pays out Essence based on difficulty), and secondary objects (which can be completed for optional bonus Essence).

Basic Mission Pay

Level Easy Medium Hard Epic
1 – 5 1,000e 2,000e 3,000e 4,000e
6 – 10 5,000e 9,000e 14,000e 18,000e
11 – 15 25,000e 45,000e 70,000e 90,000e
16 – 20 110,000e 210,000e 320,000e 420,000e
21 – 25 600,000e 1,100,000e 1,700,000e 2,200,000e
26 – 30 3,000,000e 5,000,000e 8,000,000e 10,000,000e

Secondary Objective Pay

Level Easy Medium Hard Epic
1 – 5 100e 400e 1,200e 3,200e
6 – 10 500e 1,800e 5,600e 14,400e
11 – 15 2,500e 9,000e 28,000e 72,000e
16 – 20 11,000e 42,000e 128,000e 336,000e
21 – 25 60,000e 220,000e 680,000e 1,760,000e
26 – 30 300,000e 1,000,000e 3,200,000e 8,000,000e

Cashing Out

You’re already dead, and this whole adventuring thing is really just a side stop on the way to the here-after. A character who has earned enough Essence can retire, passing on to the afterlife and making way for some new adventurer to step up, but conjuring up the soul of a dead hero takes some power, even for the Powers What Be, so retirement has a price:

Retirement Cost

Level Retirement Cost
1 – 5 10,000e
6 – 10 40,000e
11 – 15 170,000e
16 – 20 640,000e
21 – 25 1,900,000e
26 – 30 4,800,000e

Magical Equipment

Characters will find various magical equipment while out on mission, and can use it in whatever way they see fit on the mortal plain, but must leave it behind before returning to the Great In-Between. A character who wishes to use an item his team has found on future missions can purchase a replica of it from the company store with Essence.

Magic Item Pricing

Level Price
1 360e
2 520e
3 680e
4 840e
5 1,000e
6 1,800e
7 2,600e
8 3,400e
9 4,200e
10 5,000e
Level Price
11 9,000e
12 13,000e
13 17,000e
14 21,000e
15 25,000e
16 45,000e
17 65,000e
18 85,000e
19 105,000e
20 125,000e
Level Price
21 225,000e
22 325,000e
23 425,000e
24 525,000e
25 625,000e
26 1,125,000e
27 1,625,000e
28 2,125,000e
29 2,625,000e
30 3,125,000e

Company Store

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