House Rules


The Powers What Be provide for all the basic needs of Agents of Adventure, but provide extraordinary payment in the form of Essence, as outlined in the Company Store. Players need not track balances of Gold or Residuum, only Essence. They are assumed to have enough gold to cover any reasonable expenses they encounter in the course of their duties.


As outlined on the Character Creation page, each character starts with any combination of items normally costing up to 5000gp. Characters joining later in the game start play with equipment valued at the sum of the values of one item at the party’s level, one item at the party’s level plus one, and two items at the party’s level minus one, rounding up to the nearest thousand gp value.

During their adventures, characters may find and use whatever magic items they come across for the duration of a given mission. Upon returning to base however, they must leave those items in the mortal realm where they belong. Any non-unique magical items that the players find during a mission become available in the Company Store, for a price in Essence, there-after.


When a character moves on to the afterlife (see the Company Store) or in certain other circumstances, that character is retired and generally no longer part of the game. The character’s player may create a new character to join the party, which starts at the same level as the retired character.

Daily Powers

Using your most impressive powers only for them to fail and do nothing is not fun. When making an attack roll with a daily power, players roll 2d20 and keep whichever result they prefer (if they would normally roll 2d20 or more, roll an extra d20). In the event that the power still misses all targets, the player may spend a healing surge to prevent the power from being expended.

Daily powers which are not primarily attacks, such as most utility powers, stances, a Warden’s form powers, and so on, are not affected by this rule – it’s here to make sure you get a cool moment out of a powerful attack, not to let you work around the normal rules about how often you can use your powers.

Healing Surges

All characters have half the normal number of healing surges specified by the game rules, round up. Characters may spend any number of healing surges during a short rest, and recover their full surge value from each. Unspent healing powers after the previous encounter may be used before resting as desired.

Daily Item Powers

Characters may use any number of daily item powers each day, ignoring the normal rules limiting daily item power use to once per two encounters. Once an item’s power is used however, it cannot be used by another character until the required period of time has elapsed. No trading items to work around ability cool-downs.


In order to assist another character with a skill check, the assisting character must be trained in the skill in question. Any number of trained characters can assist a character attempting a skill check by making a skill roll at a difficulty of 10 + (Level / 2). Each successful assist adds +2 to the main character’s roll.

House Rules

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