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There are two things you have to understand here: the first is that you’ve been chosen because you’ve got potential, and the second is that you’re dead.

The Powers-What-Be have a plan for the universe, and you’re going to be be the executors of that plan. The agents of the Powers. You’re going to step in when something would otherwise send that plan off track – when their other agents fail, when things go wrong, or when Powers-What-Want-To-Be interfere, it’s you that gets stuck into the middle of it to sort things out.

Do this and you’ve got the afterlife to look forward to. Fail, and the universe itself spirals into an eternity of perfect stasis where hope is a long forgotten memory, free will isn’t a thing at all, and nobody gets to have fun ever again.

But, you know, no pressure. We’ll start you off with something easy…

Main Page

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